Vascular and Sleep & Respiratory Issues

Our Vascular Surgeon and Sleep & Respiratory Physicians would like to provide an update on the services they are providing during COVID-19.

Vascular Surgery

In this scary and every changing situation, I remain available for any urgent or emergency vascular referrals. I can see patients at Flinders Private, Western Hospital, Ashford Hospital, and soon at Glenelg Community Hospital.

I can provide telehealth consults at any time.

Should you have any queries please call my rooms at Flinders Private on 08 8276 9888.

Professor Ian Spark, Vascular Surgeon


Sleep & Respiratory Disorders

We’d like to provide an update that we are able to provide all consultations to patients as usual, both through telehealth and in person. Alternative investigations and treatments will be explored, and any tests booked now will be prioritised once the pandemic is over.

Bronchoscopies and pleural procedures will continue for category one patients, mainly cancer and certain types of interstitial lung diseases.

For any queries or appointment please call the rooms at Calvary Adelaide Hospital on 08 8359 2411.

Dr Dien Dang & Dr Michelle Tan, Sleep & Respiratory Physicians

Posted 14 April 2020

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