Endoscopic procedures

Endoscopic procedures under the current Government restrictions

During this uncertain time, we would like to confirm that our Gastroenterologists are still offering endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures to Category One patients.

Upper GI Endoscopy

These are being performed based on Flinders Medical Centre criteria:

  • Clinically significant upper GI bleeding.
  • Dysphagia (if abnormality seen on prior Barium swallow, unless weight loss is present or there is progressive dysphagia).
  • Iron deficiency (if upper GI symptoms and/or Hb <10).
  • Variceal eradication (not surveillance).
  • Follow up of gastric ulcer to ensure healing.
  • Dilation of known, symptomatic stricture.


These are being performed based  on Flinders Medical Centre criteria, which is consistent with the GESA recommended NSW Government Agency for Clinical Innovation Document:

  • Positive FOBT (excluding those who have had a colonoscopy within 2 years).
  • Iron deficiency with anaemia and either symptoms or age >60.
  • Rectal bleeding and any one of:
    • Positive FOBT,
    • Age >60,
    • Less than 12 months duration if > 50, or
    • Less than 12 months duration and symptoms if <50.
  • Altered bowel habit for more than 6 weeks and less than 12 weeks if:
    • Age >60,
    • Rectal bleeding, or
    • Iron deficiency.
  • Unexplained weight loss and either:
    • Age >60, or
    • Rectal bleeding
  • Abnormal imaging suggestive of malignancy.
  • Suspected inflammatory bowel disease with raised inflammatory markers (calprotectin, CRP) and/or iron deficiency and low albumin.

If you have patients with symptoms or concerns who do not fall into these categories, we still welcome your referral to see them via phone consultation.

Dr John Bate, Professor Chris Rayner
Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide
Dr Alex Rodgers, Dr Sam Edwards, Dr Mahinda De Silva 
Flinders Private, Bedford Park
Dr Marc Le Mire, Dr Hamish Philpott
480 Specialist Centre, Windsor Gardens
Associate Professor Peter Bampton, Dr Adrian Chung, Dr Paul Spizzo, Dr Martin Tan
Tennyson Centre, Kurralta Park
Dr Laurie Chitti, Dr Raghu Kumar, Dr Nazree Nordeen
Western Hospital, Henley Beach

Posted 6 April 2020

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