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SA Group of Specialists is committed to providing a high quality, comprehensive health service across a broad range of specialties including gastroenterology, hepatology, internal medicine, digestive surgery, pain management, nutrition and dietetics, respiratory and sleep disorders and vascular surgery. We offer a comprehensive bariatric (weight management) service through Australian Obesity Surgery (australianobesitysurgery.com.au comprised of highly skilled multidisciplinary team including bariatric surgeons, General Practitioners, dietitians, psychologists and exercise physiologists.

Originally set up by Drs Derwin Williams and Peter Bampton in 2000 at the time of the opening of Flinders Private Hospital, the SA Group of Specialists has expanded to four core sites based at Flinders Private Hospital, Wakefield Clinic, Western Hospital and the Tennyson Centre, with around 45 practitioners working across 13 medical specialties.


SA Group of Specialists runs a number of co-ordinated health care programs for colorectal cancer prevention (SCOOP), and oesophageal cancer prevention (BOSS). Run in association with these services at Flinders Medical Centre and the Repatriation General Hospital, these services are nationally recognized as providing excellence in digestive cancer prevention. Patients will be placed on the recall register by their practitioner if it is deemed appropriate.

SA Group of Specialists participates in the Southern Adelaide Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service and, almost uniquely amongst private practices in Australia, has its own IBD Nurse (Kerrie Moss - based at the Tennyson Site), access to which is recommended as "standard of care" by the Australian IBD Association. The IBD Nurse ensures patients with Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis are provided with receive optimal care and education, occasionally giving patients the option to volunteer in new drug trials.


Our practitioners can acess their patients' confidential medical recordsat every site from which they operate or perform procedures, as well as from home, 24 hours a day. This, combined with an efficient after hours service, ensures patients receive exceptional after hours medical care.


Our staff are chosen for the ability to provide patients with a welcoming enviornment and efficient service. Staff at all levels are encouraged to develop their skills resulting in a skilled and motivated team.


A referral from your general practitioner is required prior to consultation by one of our specialists. To make an appointment contact the site at which the practitioner to which you have been referred works.


SA Group of Specialists consists of independent specialists practicing in association, and so the fees are set by the individual specialist's practice. Information on fees is available by contacting the site where you plan to see the specialist to whom you have been referred.


Patients can help us deliver the best possible care by:

  • Bringing a valid referral to your appointment or ensuring one is faxed prior to your appointment. This allows you to claim a Medicare rebate and provides the practitioner with valuable information of the background of your condition
  • If you are a new patient, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the patient information sheet or fill it out before you arrive
  • Bring your Medicare and concession cards to the appointment to allow accurate billing and Medicare claiming
  • To provide a background to your visit please bring a current list of medications along with any Xrays or other tests which are relevant to your condition

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please contact the site as quickly as possible to make an alternative appointment. This allows staff to make the vacated appointment available to another patient. Waiting times for appointments to see our practitioners can be kept to a minimum if all available appointments are made to patients.

Please be aware that a cancellation fee may be applicable for non-attendance without calling to cancel the appointment in advance.